altCLASS is an education alternative for the 21st century.

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About the Project


Did you know that the current educational system is more than 200 years old? It’s based on a factory-model educational system invented by the Prussians in the 19th century. Since then, the factory-model classroom has barely changed.

In today’s traditional classroom we still find a group of same age students packed in one room taught by one teacher. The system, which was effective for the 20th century industrialized economy, is no longer appropriate for the advanced technological age we are living in.

At the altCLASS, we believe there is a better way to educate our children and to prepare them for real-life challenges. We are on a mission to tailor education to every single individual in order to unlock his or her greatest potential.

Nejc Slovnik
Klemen Selakovic

3-Step Master Plan


It’s the altCLASS roadmap, explaining how to transform traditional classroom into a classroom of future.


Step 1: Physical School aka Personal Accelerator

We’ll start from the ground-up. We’ll challenge everything about traditional classrooms and design our physical school on new principles and a new economy.


Step 2: An Online Platform

The future of education lies in the connection of online and offline worlds. We believe that an online platform will represent the backbone of it. That’s why we’ll build one.


Step 3: Opening Up the Platform to the Market

Our final goal is to make our platform available to every educational institution around the world. We want to empower institutions to tailor education to every single individual.


Physical School aka Personal Accelerator


Here, the foundations of classroom of future will take place. We’ll challenge everything about traditional classroom and make it better. We’ll start with the 3 pillars for our personal accelerator.


Individualization over Standardization

We’ll move away from standardized learning practices and instead tailor education to every single individual. Everyone should learn what he is 100% interested in, passionate about and can develop his own unique talents around.


Real-life Projects & Hands-on Experience

We’ll put practice over theory. Our programs will go straight into business cases and hands-on projects. We’ll bring real-life situations into class, and create on-site trainings in the form of projects and internships.


Programs of Today & Tomorrow

The personal accelerator will be designed around professions employers need today and the industries of tomorrow—like business model creation, big data, artificial intelligence, digital marketing etc.

Want to Learn More or Get Involved?


Do you think that educational system should be reinvented too? Stay in touch and follow our progress towards personalized classroom for the 21st century.

Also, if you think you could help us on our journey, drop us a line and let us know. We’re always looking for enthusiasts who are passionate about the future of education.

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