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So now that we know a brief past of education, let’s have a look into the altCLASS roadmap for the future of education.

During the times of the biggest technology progression within our society, where everything is changing around us, the educational sector has remained within the status quo.

  Traditional Classroom Setting

Traditional Classroom Setting

Traditional Classroom Setting 2

As we see it, education should be transitioned from linear thinking (memorization, unconnected bits of information) towards creative thinking, where the teacher’s role becomes more similar to the role of a mentor or a coach. New technologies that are coming will have a huge impact on our lives (like robotization, self-driving cars, virtual / augmented reality and artificial intelligence) and will demand that people become more entrepreneurial driven, creative and out-of-the-box thinkers.

It is even predicted that 2 billion jobs will disappear by 2030. At the same time, new ones will be created and we will need a different kind of educational system to support a rising demand for new types of professions.

We believe that artificial intelligence, virtual / augmented reality and gamification will play a major role in the development of education. But, let’s go step by step. We would like to transform a traditional classroom with a 3-step master plan:

Step 1

In the first step, we’ll establish a physical school aka personal accelerator, where new approaches will be tested. We’ll challenge everything about traditional classroom like the teacher’s role, timeframe of a school year, classroom setting, theory vs. practical work and many other things.

To start with, we want to design the personal accelerator around 3 main pillars. These are individualization over standardization, hands-on experience and programs of the future.

Individualization over standardization

We believe that tailoring education to every single individual is a must if we want to keep up with the pace of technological improvements. We want that every individual studies what he or she is 100% interested in, passionate about and can develop his own unique talents around - something the traditional educational system is missing so much. Each individual will get a mentor who will tailor a curriculum to his own needs and guide him throughout the program.

Hands on experience

Secondly, we want to create an educational norm of practice over theory. Our programs will go straight into business cases and hands-on projects. We will collaborate with companies to bring real-life situations in-class, and create on-site trainings in the form of projects and internships. By closing the gap between education and business practice, we want to empower our students to bring value from a day one.

Programs of the future

And thirdly, the personal accelerator will be designed around professions that employers need today and industries of tomorrow - the ones that will impact humanity the most in the next 10-20 years. It will consist of programs like business model creation, virtual reality, coding, artificial intelligence, big data, digital marketing, online business, growth hacking and many more.

It will focus on 18-25 years old individuals, who want to give a boost to their careers, find a profession tailored to their passions, talents and beliefs while working on the things that matter the most.

Nonetheless, we don’t want to stop there. Our goal is to share our learnings and open up many personal accelerators around the globe.

Step 2

Soon after the formation of the first physical school, the second step will follow. We believe the future of education lies in the connection of online and offline worlds. However, we understand that an online platform will represent a backbone of it.

We’ll start developing an online platform to support our individualized approach in the personal accelerator. We believe that only through an online platform 100% individualization can be mastered.

In the first phase of development, we’ll focus on the needs of personal accelerator students, while we’ll be adding more advanced components at later stages. We want that our platform is built on the principles of artificial intelligence, virtual / augmented reality and gamification, since we believe these technologies will engage, teach and empower students in far greater way it is possible today.

In continuation, we’ll start collaborating with institutions from elementary schools all the way to universities. We’ll launch pilot projects and test every idea, concept or model in class. We want to be sure that our online platform will suit every phase of the educational system and all fields of study. Only in this way can the educational system be truly reinvented.

Our goal is to design various modules for all age groups, which will enable schools to tailor programs to their and students’ needs. With the online platform we want to give them complete control over their programs and at the same time empower them to make progress towards personalized education, where everybody will be eager to learn.

Step 3

When the platform will be fully operational and pilot projects start to show positive outcomes, the third step of master plan will be followed. We’ll open up the platform and make it available to every educational institution around the world. With that, we truly want to reinvent how students from all age groups are taught today and give everybody an opportunity to use our technologies.

So, in short, the master plan is:

  1. Build a physical school aka personal accelerator
  2. Build an online platform and launch pilot projects in cooperation with schools
  3. Open up the online platform and make it available to every educational institution

Our vision is bold, but it’s time to reinvent education for the betterment of all humanity. Come on-board and join us on our journey.


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