Higher education for
the 21st century.

altCLASS accelerator is a 9-month program that gives you practical skills and business experience to launch a successful career.



About the Program


We believe in practice over theory. Instead of passive listening, we focus on active doing and empower you to succeed not just in school but in life.


Career-focused Curriculum

Our highly specialized curriculum is developed with industry experts to give you the skills and experience you need to succeed. We bring real-life situations into class, and create on-site trainings in the form of projects and real-time collaboration.


2-Month Long Paid Internship

We connect students with our partnership companies to complete a 2-month long paid internship and gain valuable first-hand experience to launch a successful career. You’ll graduate with a robust resume and a portfolio of work.


Personalized Student Approach

We move away from standardized learning practices and instead tailor education to every single individual. Instead of a generic degree, we focus on what everyone is interested in, passionate about and can develop his own unique talents around.

Our Partnership Companies across Industries


We create our curriculum with guidance from leading companies, who gain early access to hire altCLASS graduates. Here, are just a few of the companies we work with:


Get a Specialization from Digital Marketing

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Our altCLASS accelerator is designed around professions that employers need today and industries of tomorrow.

You will develop 9 essential hard skills that are needed to succeed at any 21st century job like project management, teamwork, public speaking, creative thinking, problem-solving, and become an expert in a chosen major while growing your technical skill set.

We are now accepting applications for our January 2018 Ljubljana (Slovenia, EU) major in Digital Marketing.

It’s a relatively new field that is already seeing explosive growth, which is why nearly every company in every industry is hiring this skill set to stay competitive.

The average market salary for digital marketing specialist in Slovenia is 1,400 € net per month, ranging from 1,000 € to 2,500 €. 

Our Commitment to You


Higher education should give more than it takes. We invest in our students, not the other way around. That’s why we make our program almost entirely tuition-free, and instead recoup our investment only once you land a job.

Thus, we take 980 € upfront as a Commitment Fee and recoup our investment into you within the 1st year after your employment.

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